West Side Story Movie Review, Best Scenes and Top Scenes

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The opening prologue presents an aerial view of Manhattan, with bridge traffic, highway ramps, and waterfront docks. It also shows a landscape filled with parks and skyscrapers. The film’s setting, on the Upper West Side, is a concrete playground. A gang of ‘cool’ white kids poses in the basketball court, while aggressive gang members scurry across the tenement street.

West Side Story Movie Review and Best Scenes

In spite of its age, the movie still has an enduring appeal. Spielberg’s remake has a rich history and incorporates historical references throughout the film. The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, for example, was a place where immigrants were pushed out of the neighborhood and forced into a life of poverty. A lot of the movie is set against the crumbling facades and the shadow of a wrecking ball. The decaying buildings symbolize the changing times, and show the incomplete lives of the characters.

West Side Story Movie Review

While Spielberg’s remake does not modernize the story much, the acting is fantastic. The cast is more diverse and the actors portraying the Latinx communities are excellent. Unlike the original, the film’s subtitles are in Spanish, so it will be easier for Spanish-speaking audiences to understand what is going on in the movie. If you’re a Spanish speaker, you should watch the movie.

The movie’s moral and political implications are timely. The film does not use subtitles when the characters are speaking Spanish, so audiences who are not fluent in Spanish can follow along. Unlike the original, this version doesn’t hammer home the message about unity. Instead, it celebrates the film’s beauty and energy. Its romantic leads are almost irrelevant. However, the film is full of good moments.

Despite its derogatory language, the movie is an impressive piece of cinema. It is an allegory of modern society, with themes of prejudice and juvenile delinquency. In addition to the songs, the movie also examines the complexities of race and ethnic relations. The storyline’s underlying message is incredibly poignant, and it’s easy to see why the film has become so popular.

Derogatory Language

The film’s derogatory language, including several instances of “d*ck” and “a**”, is a highlight of the movie. The film has a lot of raunchiness, but it also explores racism and prejudice. And while this film isn’t perfect, it is nonetheless very entertaining. It’s a worthy watch. If you love musicals, you’ll want to see the West Side Story movie.

The film’s plot is based on the original 1957 musical, and the remake follows this story in the same vein. The cast is diverse and the film’s themes are universal. The gang members have varying backgrounds, and the characters are often sexist, poor, and oppressed. The movie’s most memorable moments are the ones with the most diversity. And it’s important to remember that the film is about a multicultural society, and this includes the role of immigrants in society.

The film’s main characters are all incredibly well-defined. The main characters are all extremely likable, and the movie’s climax is a powerful moment of the film. Its most spectacular scenes, though, are not always as thrilling as the other scenes. The tense, but highly stylized climax of the film’s ending are the highlights of the film’s final act.


The movie is not only a theatrical success. It was also the first movie ever to make a satirical film about the Broadway show. The film is a modern fairytale adapted from the original and has been adapted for television as well. In this movie, the main characters are the two main characters in the musical. They are the protagonists of the film. They are the heroes of the musical, but they are also the ones who help the characters in the film.

The film’s choreography is breathtaking. The characters are portrayed as a family and are portrayed as a community. This is a film that will make you cry. Its music will touch your heart and will move you to tears. And it will leave you wanting more. The movie is a true masterpiece and you will not be disappointed. It will make you want to watch the film again.